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You have taken serious thought about having a vasectomy and now it is time to find out how much it will cost.  And, as you can imagine, cost shouldn’t be the only factor, when considering surgery in this rather sensitive area …

As with shopping for anything important…

…Lowest cost is not always the option we take, especially when quality and reputation are major factors. And when deciding on the right doctor for a vasectomy, considering each factor maybe no less important in making “that” decision.


We will cover the average cost you should expect to pay when having your vasectomy done by a trusted doctor in the states.


You will learn what quality measures to account for when selecting the right doctor for your vasectomy.


Find the key pieces of info to help find your vasectomy doctor with the reputation and experience to maximize the chance for a pain free vasectomy & lack of complications

Cost Of

A Vasectomy

In the big city like New York, the cost for a vasectomy can be upwards of $3,500 in some cases! But not to worry, most procedures in the remainder of the United States cost on average just below $1,000 and even as low as $400, frequently depending on the cost of practicing for the doctor and availability of that service in the community. 


Fortunately, vasectomies are frequently covered by insurance.  And they are almost always less expensive (and, more importantly, safer than the female alternatives of tubal occlusions). When they are not covered by insurance, most doctors will take cash for the vasectomy and you should not deviate from finding the best quality for your dollar. After all, your precious family jewels deserve the best vasectomy.


Don’t settle. Before you call around to check prices at any doctor’s offices, spend a little time researching the best vasectomy you can get in your area or within a reasonable drive. Have your spouse or partner help you. After all, she will generally be very happy that you are taking the responsibility for sterilization in the family. Your spouse or partner can even take the lead in finding the best vasectomy for her mate.


From the start, there are some key things that will demonstrate or suggest higher quality:

Quality Of

Vasectomy Care

1. How well is the vasectomy procedure, risks, and what to expect explained? How does their website or social media account look, is it professional and have the information you need to know? It’s not difficult or expensive to have a ‘glitsy’ website these days, but look to see if the doctor’s website has in-depth information to help you with your decision and follow up care.

2. How available is here for questions after the surgery occasionally, some committed doctors will even provide their cell phone numbers to be reached …. Now, that’s reassuring … Even when you don’t need to call them.

3. How much does the doctor interact with you before the procedure and after? What do other doctors and past patients say about the doctor’s care of his patients.

4. If you find a doctor who has good ratings on the web, you can follow up with a quick phone call to your doctor and ask their opinion of the doctor, if you question the rating.

5. Is the office staff courteous when you call or visit in person?

6. How does the office look and feel? Is it clean and orderly?

7. How can you assess the other measures? You can have your spouse or partner call or visit the doctor and office, as you have likely made this choice with them involved; so why not have them be involved in the choosing process.


Do some research on your doctor and find out how they are viewed. Places to look:


Check their website for testimonials from past patients.


Look at their social media pages and see if they have any reviews or comments from past patients.


One cannot emphasize enough that “experience counts” in this area. The art of vasectomy is refined and improved almost entirely by experience. Can you find a doctor dedicated to vasectomy procedures?  In some areas, you may be lucky to find someone who specializes in vasectomies. That is usually apparent by his or her reviews that relate primarily to vasectomy care.

(If you can’t find a doctor nearby who specializes in vasectomies, you might find it worthwhile to drive or travel a little to find such a doctor. Search the main counties nearby for well reviewed doctors and their costs.)


Find out if they have been mentioned in the media and what for.


Does it make a difference whether your doctor is a urologist or a family practitioner?  While you can research the colleges attended by the doctor and the reputations of those schools, probably the bigger question is whether your doctor is a surgeon experienced in the area of the scrotum.  There are many family practitioners and general surgeons who perform vasectomies, but only urologists are specially trained in that area. That training comes in very handy should there be a complication. But more importantly, a urologists experience in the scrotum can help avoid any problems.

While you may choose a better reviewed family practitioner over a less favorable urologist, when reviews and such are equal, the urologist is probably your better bet.


And in the end, when possible, go do that consultation with one or two doctors.  The consultation is not a vasectomy and you definitely don’t have to worry about any pain with that visit. Meet the doctor face to face and see how you feel while there; this will often be the deciding factor when choosing the right doctor and price.